Tips to handle insecurity in the relationship

          Tips to handle insecurity in the relationship

Insecurities in relationships can really destroy your relationship. We know that they don’t come from anywhere. The core cause of insecurities in a relationship is often a lack of self-love. If one partner holds on to harmful limiting beliefs, like being afraid of failure or thinking that they don’t deserve love.
They won’t be able to trust completely – and trust is the foundation of any relationship. To work on self-love, first, identify and overcome your limiting beliefs

I’m going to talk about how to deal with your insecurities in a relationship and I help you build a love life that you desire and deserve now.

I really want to talk about what happens when you just allow your anxiety and your insecurities to take control of your decisions mindset and actions and they start to negatively affect your relationship.

I would say these insecurities and anxiety are a completely normal part of life and I think often we feel guilty for having these insecurities because we look at other people’s relationships and we assume that they’re just confident and thriving and you know just kind of perfect but we need to have a reality check what happens is if you haven’t dealt with past baggage or even present sort of pains and fears they can manifest in really self-sabotaging habits in your relationship.

In our daily life, we have so many insecurities. Women are most insecure in this world.
Insecurities we all have them whether or not it’s something physical that you’re insecure about like your height your weight maybe.


The fact that you got pointy little ears in the sky or maybe your insecurities stem from a lack of financial resources you might not have the nicest car maybe your clothes aren’t exactly as nice as your buddies.

Regardless of what you’re insecure about nothing can kill a potentially great situation like relationship insecurity.

          Tips for handling insecurity in a relationship

I’d go over ten tips for overcoming relationship insecurity.

1. Don’t judge your current relationship based on your previous relationships right because here’s the deal just because your past girlfriend or boyfriend whatever you’re into cheating on your right doesn’t mean that the current one is cheating on you.

Nothing is going to potentially kill a relationship like making the current girlfriend or boyfriend whenever you’re in to pay for the deeds of your past boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever you’re in the beautiful thing about new relationships is that you get to start fresh it’s like a relationship do-over so don’t have this one up.

Don’t cheat anyone in your relationship:

2. Don’t confuse imagination with reality right when we start getting insecure we start imagining some crazy things and you start reading into everything it’s like oh my god she didn’t text back in five minutes this means that she’s definitely cheating on me I know because I have been their brother I have been like the super freaky paranoid guy that starts reading into everything like oh my god right well.

Here’s the deal what I learned is that the best way to basically squash this is to encourage open and honest communication from the start but you have to start doing it when things are good right not when things are bad don’t be like oh we need to talk and we need to start being honest because you’re going to get weird and it’s going to turn the other person off superfast encourage communication from the beginning but don’t read in or you’re my play crazy tricks on you I know it’s hard but you’ve got to trust that if the person has something to say they’re going to say it to you leading us that’s it.

3. Name them now whether that insecurity is low self-esteem the fear of being cheated on the fear of missing out maybe the fear of being hurt whatever it is that you have this anxiety and this conflict about I want you to get a piece of paper and I want you to actually write it down by writing it down you’re able to almost put a label on that insecurity and that means that you’re able to them work out what the solution is and where that insecurity is coming from when we have a sense of direction or when we have a name over our problems it gives a little bit more peace that we’re able to work out okay well what do I need to do from.

4. Once you ask don’t keep asking haha yeah right are you sure everything’s okay.

Yeah, everything’s cool five minutes later you’re sure something’s not bothering you can talk to me you know come on open up.

Are you sure then tomorrow you’re like you’re acting weird once you’re there the relationships over dude because there is nothing that’s going to destroy a potentially good thing like your persistent pestering if you ask they say it’s cool you’ve got to trust them that it is actually good what am I doing exactly breathing deep breaths?

Build a strong relationship like a tree

5. Our relationship also needs room to breathe think of a relationship as a tree a sapling when it’s new it’s fresh you plant that sapling.

What do you nurture it you give it to water you give it some dirt you give it sunshine you give it room to breathe if you are constantly standing over top of that tree waiting and be like come on grow little tree comes on exactly you’re gonna smother it.

The same thing happens to relationships gentlemen it is okay to have me type not only is it good it is a critical component to a healthy relationship all right because if you were oh like holding on for dear life and I’m never going to let you out of my sight that is a breeding ground for big trouble my friends you need to have your own things going on you need to have an outside interest outside friends.

All right the best and strongest relationships are with people that have their own lives right they’re individuals that come together not one morphed individual that’s weird awkward and a doomed situation.

Understand and keep working on your relationship

6. Understand that relationships are not always rosing Puppis because here’s the deal a lot of times when we get into a relationship right a new relationship.

How great does that feel like seriously you are walking on air my friends like yeah and you’re just alright it feels amazing the endorphins everything is going crazy well guess what that never lasts it can’t last we cannot and we’re not designed to maintain that level of emotional endorphin-releasing intensity all right your relationship is going to go it’s going to EV.

It’s going to flow it’s going to have highs it’s going to have lows it’s going to have alright alright the idea is that you don’t just bail it the first time of trouble alright focus on the good focus on the positive all right if it’s a lasting relationship and something that is supposed to be then it’s okay all right don’t just freak out just keep nurturing keep working and eventually it’ll work itself out if it’s supposed to.

7. I’m going to slow it down right because a lot of you need to hear me when I say this does not snoop alright do not steal their phone or look through their phone look through text messages don’t break into Facebook don’t look in emails guys.

I am here to tell you there is once you reach that point right the insecurities point at which you feel the need to snoop you’ll never stop because you’ll never trust them and I’m telling you if you look hard enough you’re going to find something that you’re going to miss read and turn into a situation and here’s the thing right if you look right and you find something that you want to question them about what are you going to do you’re going to act weird right you’re not going to come out.

If you do come out and confront them they’re going to be like yo what you look through my stuff and you’re gonna be like oh yeah but I had to and then you’re going to try and make up some excuse of why you needed to look in their phone and go through 27 text messages guys I am here to tell you do not start that situation because once you start it is impossible to stop bringing us to.

8. Go with your gut instincts we all have them listen to them but if your instinct is telling you something that’s a little bit off then ask but don’t snoop I’m telling you there is absolutely nothing positive that comes from it.

9. It is an important one and that is there is nobody else who is responsible for your happiness except you and vice versa you’re not responsible for anybody else’s happiness except yours.

Select who is good in your relationship

10. Remember that relationships are supposed to feel good and you’re supposed to feel better being with the person if it comes to a point where you don’t feel good when you’re with somebody chances are it’s not the right person.

It’s time to break up is it going to suck absolutely is it going to be devastating in her for a while you bet you but that I did talking about how to break up like a man insecurities we all have them but managing them and knowing how to handle them when it comes to a relationship is a key component to you having a happy healthy and successful relationship gentlemen you deserve the best so go out and get it.

When the partner doesn’t trust in the relationship

Oh, baby let’s go out I’m almost done yeah no worries be nice just to go out for a coffee or something oh I’m just gonna put to the bar from the back inside right yes sure you get a decaf back in a second one who’s this.


Hey no someone was texting you and your phone while you’re looking through my phone well why are you texting someone else she’s a friend from work why are you looking through my phone for stuff because you’re texting someone else.
I’m asking you who are you texting anyone there’s nothing going on why are you looking through my phone right so are you gonna tell me who she is or there’s nothing going on just what are you talking about what kind of a relationship is this.
You don’t need to tell me you’ve been serious right now well yeah it’s ridiculous to enjoy your tea. hey, she thinks I’m chatting to other girls I think John is talking to someone else know what not is literally nothing going on that’s a thing.
I think he really likes talking to I mean we’re out and he was texting her it’s just a friend at work I just hope it’s not got too far I don’t know what it is I don’t know if there’s something that I’m doing that maybe she’s feeling insecure about or something that I need to do better or you know maybe I’m just overreacting and it’s nothing at all first of all.
I just want you to know that everything you thought James was up to there’s no truth in it at all he wasn’t talking to anyone else he wasn’t seeing anyone else and he wasn’t even thinking of anyone else it’s incredible how all of us in our current relationships project experiences from the past whether it’s been interactions people situations that we’ve been through before we start creating that reality again and those insecurities of the past.
Start mirroring our reality today and we all experience this at different stages of our life we all experience insecurities in work relationships friendships and even family and when that happens we let our insecurities completely destroy.
Something amazing something that has so much potential something that is free from all the negativity that we had before but we’re still carrying it with us today and the truth is if we have insecurities or we have doubts it’s okay to voice them it’s just about voicing them in the right way when you choose to attack or accuse someone.
It immediately puts them on the defensive it scares the other person away especially when they haven’t done something wrong but if we can approach these situations with maturity being conscious being aware and discussing them in a proper sense sharing how we feel then we allow the other person to come with sense.

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