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weight loss before and after

                      weight loss before and after

Due to changing lifestyles, most people are upset with weight. The human body is composed of five elements. Earth, fire, water, sky, and air.

 Consummation from these five elements is necessary for the human body to stay alive and to take a balanced diet to get energy.

Regular exercise and yoga are beneficial for everyone. This body is like a blank paper on which we can write anything from the pen of our conduct.

 Where there are negligence and irregular routine in catering, pushing the human body towards obesity and various kinds of diseases, taking a good diet and exercising regularly can make us a healthy bodybuilder.

 Weight gain also means inviting other diseases too. Therefore it is very important to control the weight as time goes on. We are going to tell you the tips here, which you can do to your weight loss.

weight loss before and after,weight loss
weight loss before and after

Friends, in this mechanical era where we have to do very little physical work than before, many people are becoming obese.

 Today, a person's life is going to get success and stay in the competition. And in the same part of the race, forgot to give more attention to your true happiness "health". 

If someone has wealth in the world, but he can not spend on his own, he can not enjoy it, then he is equal to not having wealth. 

That's why wealth, fame, fame, money are important, but it is also very important to take care of yourself. Every person should take one hour out of 24 hours of his life in order to meditate on his body.

Well, often our eyes open about these things when we are already suffering due to our lifestyle. And obesity is also a problem that people's eyes open late.

 Friends, it is important to understand that obesity is not just a problem in itself, but its relationship and many serious diseases such as:

Diabetes (type-2),

High blood pressure,

Heart diseases and stroke,

Some special types of cancers,

Ananda's disease,

Kidney disease,

Fatty liver- Liver Cyrillic disease due to fattening in the liver,

Osteoarthritis - joint disease, etc.

Is also from the weight.

So by doing anything, you should do all the efforts to reduce your weight.

Weight loss tips:

1. Take 1 teaspoon black pepper powder, 1 tsp honey and 2-3 lemon juice in one glass of lukewarm water and drink it with weight loss.

2. Eat cauliflower to lose weight. Cauliflower leaves can be eaten as salads. If you wish, you can also boil these leaves.

3. Tomato soup is also helpful in losing weight. Tomatoes can be eaten as salads.

weight loss juice,weight loss tips
weight loss juice

4. Lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, according to the taste of cranberry juice. Weight loss by drinking the mixture of these helps the weight loss fast.

5. Bitter gourd juice is slightly bitter, but can also drink lemon juice mixed with it. Drinking it is weight loss.

6. In 1 glass water add lemon juice and ginger juice and drink it also reduces the weight. The lemon-rich vitamin C burns fat deposits around the stomach.

7. Dissolve 2 tsp cumin seeds in 1 glass water. Boil this water in the morning and drink it cold and chew the cumin.

8. The juice of green vegetables also helps in decreasing weight loss before and after. Sour juice of green vegetables 2-3 times a week.

9. By mixing 2 tsp ginger juice, 1 teaspoon honey and 2 teaspoons aloe vera pulp, Razza leaves a wet stomach in the morning after taking an empty stomach.

10. Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day.

Take a glass of hot water and add one spoonful of black pepper powder, and four spoon lemonade, and one spoonful of honey, daily loss of water by drinking it every morning.

And if the empty stomach sank lemons in hot water in the morning and mixing one teaspoon of honey in it, then lose weight even when you drink it daily.

Cabbage leaves are quite beneficial for weight loss. By consuming cauliflower leaves in a raw salad, or by eating raw, weight is reduced.

Eating a tomato soup before eating or eating tomato raw also results in weight loss.

Make the diet of every type of green leafy vegetable. Due to this, all Ayurvedic remedies do not have side effects.

Breakfast should be taken in moderate quantity. Lunch should be full of lunch. Because in the afternoon the digestive system is most active.

Dinner should be taken 3-4 hours before sleeping.

 The night time is for sleeping, so the digestive system has to work more to digest food. Dinner should be low calorie.

The food should always be ingested as soon as the juice becomes cheated.

If you can eat, it should be eaten by heating a little. Hot food, or hot-cooked food, digested quickly over cold food.

And you should keep drinking water a little bit throughout the day so that the food is digested. Water is needed to digest food.

 Experts, however, recommend drinking water while eating, so avoid drinking water at the time of eating.

Avoid eating preserved food. Reduce processed food.

Feed the fruits that come in every season.

Enjoy tasty, sweet, fade, plain, spicy, sour, etc. in every day's meal, because the type of taste is helpful in digesting the digestive system of the human body in different ways.

Choose a diet of more roasted dishes than fried food.
Never sleep after eating food.

Drinking pure water without eating anything in the morning to lose weight is beneficial. And if that water is kept in brassware all night, then it is even more beneficial.

By exercising and walking without drinking some water, the energy of the body gets energy. And the mind swells.

Green tea and lemonade are also very useful for weight loss before and after.
Regular consumption of green tea and lemon after two or three hours before breakfast can be used to help reduce weight.

Drink lemon and honey mixed lick can also reduce weight.
If you do not have acidity - drinking thin milk (non-cream) of turmeric at night also helps in weight loss.

Triphala, amla, and Harada are good for teeth and stomach. If the teeth are strong then it will be easy to chew the food and the food will be chewed properly, the digestive system will be able to digest the entire food properly, and if the food is properly digested then there will not be an unhealthy diet in the stomach.

 Whenever food is not fully digested then the change in the diet becomes fat / FAT. Therefore, take regular Triphala, amla, and Harada regularly.

The diet of fresh vegetables, fruits and beans are best for controlling weight. For example, cucumber, cucumber, radish, gram, moong, peas, papaya, carrot and all types of lentils are beneficial.

Indigenous spices such as asafetida, oatmeal, black pepper, cloves, and Keti leaves, if the country spices are being added in the right quantity, then the digestive system helps in digesting the food. Due to the absence of stomach, fat is not stored in the body.

Dietfurts per day - Almonds, pistachios, figs, cashews, and raisins eat protein vitamins and the digestive system is also good.
Drinking water immediately after eating increases weight.

By eating a little more quantity of food, the digestive system has less labor, which does not cause degeneration and also does not increase fat.

Sugar, sweeteners, sweet dish, accumulated food, cold drinks, baking products (brad, bread), and beer increase weight.

All of them play an important role in growing fatty food, desi ghee, potato, fenugreek dishes, rice, sugar and so on.

Talking at the time of eating, watching television, eating a lot of harm, eating this way, the man eats more than his appetite and does not even know it.

In daily life, the stairs should be used instead of the elevator.
Walk one to three kilometers per day.

According to Ayurvedic scriptures, going back to sleep as soon as possible after sunset and getting up before sunrise is best for the body.

Pranayama, Kapalbhati, Shirshasan, Mayurasana, Dhanrashan, Pawan Mukashasana, Surya Namaskar, Butterfly, etc. exercises very much to the body.

To watch TV and play video games, go out to the ground and run the race, clears the calorie playing the game.

Sudden perspiration comes in light sunlight. And soon after burning perspiration, calorie burns quickly.

Weight may increase even if sleep is not complete. Due to lack of sleep, the body keeps on releasing the weight gain hormones. So it is necessary to have enough sleep at night.

When weight loss, also consider these things:

In modern times, there is a lot of companies advertising advertisements to reduce weight loss before and after without discipline. A lot of people choose an easy way to get results quickly and lose their hard-earned money. 

There are also many side effects of instant weight loss medicines. And many times they may also have serious diseases.

Many times it is also seen that people keep kissing themselves by equating themselves with the body of the other hand/body, or by imitating others, to quickly become thinner, crossing the body's own they are harmed.

 Every creation of the human body, resistance, eclipse power, and tolerant power are different. For this to be understood, blind imitation and burns can not reduce weight, but serious physical problems can certainly increase.

Knowing the limits of your body and advancing according to the specialist's advice should increase your steps towards losing weight.

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