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Benefits of Cumin Seeds

                             Benefits of Cumin Seeds

What is cumin?

Cumin seeds are spicy. According to Ayurveda, cumin is of three types, which are:

Black cumin (Carum carvi Linn.) -

Cumin cyminum Linn. -

Aranya cumin (Wild cumin) (Centratherum anthelmintic (Linn.) Kuntze)

White cumin is familiar to everyone, as it is used as a spice. Shyamalan colored cumin (Krishna cumin) is also like white cumin.

There is so much similarity between the two that it is difficult to distinguish, but the black cumin is more expensive than white cumin.

Its flowers appear in white-colored satraps, which, when ripened, turn into fruits. Its plant is 60–90 cm high, and upright.

Its flowers are dark blue, or purple in color. Its fruits are 4.5–6 mm long, cylindrical.

Jeera Called in Different Languages

The botanical name of white cumin is Cumin cyminum Linn, Syn-Cuminum odorum Salisb.

Cumin is a spice that is made from seeds of Cuminum cyminum plant. Many dishes are used in the form of food in the original areas of cumin, especially in the Mediterranean and Southwest Asia.

 Some health benefits have been confirmed in modern studies, in which cumin is traditionally known, digestion Increases and reduces the infections caused by food.
cuminum cyminum plant
cumin plant

Enhance digestion promotes digestion

The most common conventional use of cumin is to indigestion. For example, this may increase the activity of digestive enzymes, potentially accelerating digestion.

 It also reduces the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Iron-Rich A Large Source

1.4 mg of iron in one spoon of cumin seed, or 17.5% of RDI for adults. Iron deficiency is one of the most common nutrients deficiency, which is between 20% and 1,000 to 10 people in the richest countries.

Young women need iron to replace lost blood during a normal period cycle it occurs. Some foods such as cumin have a lot of iron in them. It is a good iron source, even if it is used in small quantities as a spice.

Many people throughout the world do not get iron in the iron. Iron is found in cumin, a spoon of cumin contains about 20% of our daily iron.

Cumin is a reliable medicine to remove anorexia, flatulence, indigestion, etc. in food.

Continuous sniffing of roasted cumin stops sneezing.

Consumption of cumin seeds after uterus clear the uterus.

Cumin is hot in nature, so excessive intake can also cause vomiting.

Cumin is anthelmintic and antipyretic as well.

Boil cumin seeds and take a bath with that water, itching disappears.

Consuming with sugar candy in piles provides peace.

Grind cumin and salt mixed with ghee and honey and heat it slightly and apply it on the sting of a scorpion.

Mixing a pinch of cumin powder, asafetida powder and rock salt each are beneficial in stomach gas.

* If vomiting, grind the juice of half a lemon, a glass of water, a little cumin, two small cardamoms and give it to the patient for two hours.

* After applying heat on the body, applying black cumin seeds with coconut water provide relief.

* If there is a pain due to worm in the teeth, grinding peepal, rock salt, cumin, seminal gum and bark of myrrh and grinding it into a fine powder and rubbing it on the teeth provides ample benefits.

* A cup of spinach juice mixed with one teaspoon of honey and one-fourth teaspoon of cumin powder is beneficial in the thyroid (throat lump).

* Consumption with fennel and cumin seeds is beneficial in stomach irritation.

 Cumin benefits on sour belching

It is very common for sour belts to eat anything upside down. After sour belching, add 50 ml cumin to 200 ml water and make a decoction.

 Heat it When the decoction remains 50 ml, remove and filter it.

Drink 4 grams of black pepper powder, 4 grams of salt in it. This stops sour belching.

Also, there is no problem in having bowel movements.

Cumin benefits in uterine inflammation

Many women suffer from pregnancy inflammation. In this case, the use of cumin seeds can be beneficial.

 Make a decoction of black cumin, and make the lady sit in this decoction.

 It provides benefits in inflammation of the uterus. You can also use white cumin instead of black cumin.

Help for diabetic patients 

Certain elements of cumin have been helpful in the treatment of diabetes. In a clinical study, compared to the person taking the cumin seed, the initial signs of diabetes have improved in people overweight, compared to the Plusbo. 

There are components in the diet which have long-term effects of diabetes. Compete. The way in which diabetes harm the cells in the body, one of them is an advanced glycation end product.

 Due to increasing age, the possibility of a loss of eyes, kidneys, nerves and small blood vessels increases.

Cumin seeds can be used as a regular season, diabetes can help in controlling blood sugar.

Blood cholesterol improves blood circulation

According to clinical studies, cumin seeds improve blood cholesterol as well. In one study, taking 75 ml of cumin twice a day twice daily reduces unhealthy blood triglycerides.

 In another study, patients who take oxygenated "bad" LDL cholesterol levels have decreased by 10% in one and a half months.

A study of 88 women found that "good" affects the cholesterol of "good" HDL cholesterol. Those who consume 3 grams of yogurt twice a day for three months, HDL levels are high compared to those who eat curd.

It is not known that if the dose used in these studies is used as a spice in the cumin seed, then there are benefits of the same blood cholesterol. 

Apart from this, not all studies agree with this intention. There was no change in cholesterol in the blood of participants of a study, which was supplemented with cumin.

 Several studies have shown improvement in blood cholesterol in the diet of the herb. It is not clear if using a small quantity of cumin seed in the form of daily spice is also beneficial.

Prevent Food Diseases Cures foodborne diseases

One of the traditional roles of cumin in the spice can be for food safety. There are many seasons in cumin, antimicrobial properties which can reduce the risk of food-borne infections.

 Many elements of cumin reduce foodborne bacteria and some types of infectious fungus.

Cumin releases an element called magolomysin, which contains antibiotic properties. In addition, a test-tube study has shown that cumin reduces the drug resistance of some bacteria. 

As traditional use of cumin, a spice can restrict the development of infectious bacteria and fungi. This reduces the food-borne diseases.

Cumin is helpful as a medicine Its works like a medicine

Drug dependence is a growing issue of international concern. Drugs create addiction by kidnapping the general sense of longing in the brain. 

It continues to increase. However, more research is needed to determine whether this effect will be useful in humans or not. 

In the next steps, that component has been included, it tests that it will work on humans. Cumin seeds extract symptoms of drug addiction in rats. It is not known yet that their humans will have similar effects.

cumin seed
Cumin seed

Reduces Inflammation Reduces Cumin Reduces Inflammation

Test tube studies have shown that cumin seed extraction prevents swelling. There are several constituents of cumin that can have antitrust effects, but researchers do not even know which is the most important.

In many spices, the plant compounds have been shown to reduce the level of an important swelling marker, NF-Kappa B. 

There is not enough information right now to know that in the form of diet or in a limited dose, cumin is useful in the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

Reduces weight loss or fat

A study of women over 88-90 kg found that 3 grams of cumin seeds also decrease in weight. 

In the third clinical study, 78 adults and men were seen to be influenced by people who used to take this supplement, compared to those who were found to lose 1-kilogram weight of eight weeks.

Nevertheless, not all studies agree. A small amount of 25 mg of daily use was used in a study, which did not change the weight of the body compared to the placebo. 

The concentrated cumin dose has promoted weight loss in many studies. Not all studies have shown this benefit and high doses may be required for weight loss.

Black seed oil is very effective and helpful in fighting various diseases. This easily available fennel oil can prove to be extremely effective and useful.

 Two highly effective elements present in fennel oil are thymoquinone and thymohydroquinone responsible for its special healing effect. Together these two elements help fight all these diseases and heal the body.

Not only this, cardiovascular diseases and asthma, blood cancer, lung problems, liver, prostate, breast cancer, cervix and skin diseases are also effective.

 It is not a new medicine, but it was discovered thousands of years ago for these serious diseases.

 After this, many research of science has been done on this medicine so far, which proves black seed oil to be the best home medicine for various diseases.

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