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heat waves

                                   heat waves

Friends, the month of May and June has very high heat and lu causing problems when the sun is increasing the heat waves of the human body and by increasing the strains and heat waves in the air by drying the zariash (affection) of the world with the intensity of its intense rays.

Due to negligence in the heat waves, there are many diseases like dehydration, dizziness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, sunburn, and gambling in the body.

The main reason for these diseases is-

  • In the summer season, the open body, the bare head, the bare feet running in the sun.
  • Going out of the empty stomach or thirsty home in the hot summer,
  • Going out of the cooler or AC to go to the sun immediately,
  • Drink cold water immediately after coming out from the sun, directly into the cooler or AC.
  • Increasing intake of quick chili-spices, very hot food, tea, wine, etc.
  • Replacing cotton and loose clothing, synthetic and how to wear.
  • Due to heat-related diseases can cause diseases.

Prevention is better than cure. So we have to take some steps to follow them as summers come.

So let us know some methods of deliverance -

In the summer, the sun drinks the affection of the world with its intense rays, so sweet (sweet), cold (cold), liquid and iron are mixed in heatwaves. 

Whenever it came out of the house in summer, after eating something and drinking water, empty stomach.

Do not eat too much heat (garistha) in the heat waves, because gastric hypertension in the heat waves is dim so it cannot digest heavy food completely and eating more than it needs or eating heavy food can complain of vomiting. 

Wear cotton and light-colored clothes in summer. 

Face and face should be covered with blanket or sapphire.

Onions should be eaten and put onions in the pocket. 

Brewing should not be the cold things but the cold things made from home. 

Cold means to eat mango (Kerry), Khas, candle rose, floss orange syrup, cold sattu, curd lassi, whey, and gulkand. 

Apart from this, the consumption of cottage cheese, cucumber,  pomegranate, spinach, peppermint, lemon, watermelon, etc. should be done more. 

Soft water intake, 2 to 3 liters per day. 

If you are a knower of yoga, then practice the activity of Shitalya and Chandra, piercing pranayama and breathing. They transmit coolness in the body. 

So, friends, you can save themselves from the heat waves of summer by taking care of these small things.

By taking care of some small but important points, we can enjoy the heatwave in the following manner:

In the summer, if you will take lemon juice your body will be cool and will be hydrated.

By eating curd daily your stomach will be cool and will digest the food easily.

In the summer eating ice cream is also a good option which makes our tongue feel good and keeps away from the excessive heat waves.

Eating watermelon is also good for health in summers.

Drinking Lassi in summers makes our stomach cool and helps in fatigue.

Mango juice taking in summer boost our confidence and working power.

Drinking more water in summer is required to avoid heat waves as the body requires more water because of thirsty and to keep the ph level as required.

So, friends, I hope you have liked this post share and comment with your friends. To know more on health click here

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