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Worms in the stomach

                                   Worms in the stomach

A worm in the stomach is a common problem. Generally, this disease occurs in small children, but large ones are not untouched by it.

 They are hostile and fulfill all their nutritional requirements from our body. That is why a person suffering from enteritis gets malnourished even after eating good food.

 Both children and adults may have problems with intestinal worms. These enteric wounds in the intestines.

 Due to which the patient starts having many problems like restlessness, indigestion, abdominal pain and gas problem, abnormal heartbeat.

 Due to which the patient becomes very weak from the body. That is why, if you see symptoms of worms in the intestine, do home remedies and also get medical advice.

 Today we will tell you about the problem of insects in the stomach i.e., worm disease.

Our body is made up of complex ingredients. The right diet and exercise are extremely important for keeping the body healthy. 

The ultimate source of energy for the human body is food. Eating food gives energy to the body. And energy makes all parts of the body function smoothly. 

In case of disruption in this system, worm disease may be the problem of insects in the stomach

If the treatment of worm disease does not take place in time, then this common disease becomes painful.

If there are small white worms in the stool or itching problem on the bowel path, if it is known to leave the bowel, then it can be a disease of worm disease, ie insect disease.

 Complications of stomach ache may also be reported when worm disease increases. Many people in this busy life understand this problem as a little ignoring.

 Further, this small disease takes on a serious form.

worms in stomach
worms in stomach

Worms in the stomach its symptoms in the stomach?

  • The person grows his teeth while sleeping
  • It is often itchy in the nose
  • White Worms
  • Stomachache
  • White of the tongue
  • Stains on cheeks
  • Eyes remain red
  • Mild fever
  • Stomach ache problem
  • Mithila
  • Dislike food
  • Feeling weak in the body

Names of prominent entrants

- threadworm
- hookworm
- roundworm
- Whipworm
- tapeworm
- tenia solium

What is the main reason for the problem of insects in the stomach?

1. A habit of eating food when not feeling hungry.

2. Eating with dirty hands.

3. Eating contaminated food.

4. More consumption of sour-sweet items.

5. Fenugreek, Raita, Yoghurt, Kadhi, Grilled food.

6. Drinking impure or contaminated water.

7. With the weakening of the body's immunity system.

Keep things away from worm disease problems

Salted food, meat, fish, gram flour, potato, red chilies, girls, milk, curd, country ghee, eggs, sour, stale items, eating late night, sleeping during the day, massage on the body, Consuming cigarettes.

All this is harmful in worm disease, stay away from these.

What will be beneficial for the worm disease problem

Amla, orange, ginger juice and chutney, honey, lemon, moong, old rice, asafoetida juice, granulated juice, mustard greens, rye, cumin, gourd, bitter gourd, paraval, torai, bathua, Kanji, Arhar, and the consumption of apples decreases the strength of worm disease.

Worms in the stomach home remedies of stomach worms -


Taking celery 3 times a day kills stomach worms. Apart from this, mixing 1 teaspoon of parsley powder in 1 teaspoon jaggery and taking it thrice a day eliminates intestinal worms completely.

Black Salt

Grind half a teaspoon black salt and 2 teaspoons celery and take this powder with lukewarm water daily in the morning and evening, this disease is cured.

Pomegranate peel

Dry pomegranate peels and makes powder of it. Take one spoon of this powder thrice a day. Intestinal worms are completely destroyed by consuming it for a few days.

Neem leaves

To destroy stomach worms, grind neem leaves and mix honey in it and consume it in the morning.

Garlic Sauce

In the case of worm disease, mixing a little rock salt in garlic sauce and eating it in the morning and evening kills stomach worms.

Basil leaves juice

If there are worms in the stomach, drinking one teaspoon juice of basil leaves twice a day, the intestines die and come out with feces.

 Raw Mango Kernels

If children or elders have worms in their intestines, then grinding raw mango kernels with curd or water and taking it regularly in the morning and evening will remove intestinal worms within a few days.

Worms in the stomach Ayurvedic treatment of stomach worms

Make 50 grams of Sonekkhi, 50 grams of gulkand, 20 grams of Munchak, 20 grams of honey, 20 grams of herd bark, 20 grams of salt, these fours, and prepare small balls.

 Taking these pills with milk is very beneficial. 
By this experiment, stomach worms die in a few days.
These pills can take two to three times a day.
Take 2-2 grams of sugar, salt and bud lime- all three, and put 200 ml in water.
Now 20 milliliters of water from that water.
 Drink it a few days after the experiment continuously, worm disease will be far away.

By taking olive oil and Tejpal in equal amounts and adding this mixed oil to the anus gate, relief in worm disease.

 Take 3 grams of jaggery and add the clay to it. Eating these two together will also remove stomach worms. Stomach worms die by drinking onion juice.

Black pepper is also the best solution to remove worm disease. Drink 10 grams of black pepper powder with buttermilk, with 20 to 25 grams mint.

Worms die in the stomach get destroyed due to the continuous use of this experiment for one week.

Gum and Garlic eat equal quantity and eat stomach worms.

Worm worsens by eating garlic chutney twice a day with salt.

Add some drops of garlic juice in buttermilk and drink it in relief. Use these two to three times a day.

Drink juice of Roseberry thrice a day after one week removes stomach worms.

Boil the pot in boiling hot water and take out its juice and drink stomach worms.

Grind the seeds of Bathua and mix it with honey and drink relief in the worm disease.

Worms worsen by making a decoction of basil leaves and drinking them. Worm diseases of children are immediately removed from this remedy.

Worm disease is eradicated by eating a raw banana vegetable for some time.

By taking nut with hot milk, this disease is beneficial.

Drinking water of ripe nirayail every day benefits from it.
By taking powdered black cumin with honey, stomach worms are clean.

Worm disease is removed by drinking empty stomach carrot juice. Stomach worms die due to eating raw carrots for some days.

Stomach worms die by drinking a glass of water by adding salt throughout the pinch. And the stool leaves the door.

Worm disease is also overcome by drinking debris of dried peels of Bijora lemon.

Drinking lemon juice removes lactation and stomach worms are also destroyed.

Pan juice is also effective in removing this problem.

Stomach worms are removed by drinking coconut water every day.

The worm dies after drinking the juice of mint juice. 

Drinking lemon and mint juice are more beneficial than drinking.

Eating lentil pulses regularly does not cause stomach worms.

Combine the fine powder of raw sweetie with milk or butter, and after taking it, remove worm disease.

Warm worms die by grinding jasmine leaves and drinking it.

By making the crust of raw mango kernels, the stomach worms die after taking it twice a day.

The worm is destroyed by drinking salt in the buttermilk made from cow's milk.

By mixing fine powder of oregano in jaggery, it consumes the stomach worms.

Remove the juice of the card leaves, then mix the juice with some almonds, by this experiment the stomach worms die and the stools come out of the gates.

Stomach worms die after drinking the decoction of neem bark, consume lemon juice, basil juice, and neem oil. And the pain caused by worm disease also provides relief.

Worm disease will be overcome by taking powdered mustard seed with gaumutra. Make a paste of mustard oil with one or a half spoon of 100ml of Gumututra and drink it.

Stomach worms die by drinking orange juice twice a day, three times a day.

Stomach worms are removed even after taking powdered powder of coconut with orange oil.

Warm worms are removed by eating soybean curd.

Eating radish also cause stomach worms to die.
Grind peach leaves finely and adds some a few kinds of beef in it, it will also remove worms disease.

About 30 to 60 minutes after taking a meal, drinking a glass of lukewarm water can kill stomach worms. Remember that water should not be too cold or too hot.

Mixing powder of Ashwagandha in the powder of Giloy and taking it with honey, stomach worms die and also relief from stomach pain caused by worm disease.

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