how I conceived naturally with PCOS

               how I conceived naturally with PCOS

 How I conceived naturally with PCOS when I found out I had PCOS so I and my husband did try for a while and when we figured out that nothing was working.

After trying for six months to get pregnant we realized something was wrong so I ended up going to my doctor and I found that I had PCOS.

conceive with PCOS

My insulin was so high and my male testosterone was really hot as well so it was unable how I conceived naturally with PCOS from that so I'm gonna be talking about six tricks.

These tricks may or may not have helped me get pregnant and they may help you I'm not sure but I'm gonna go ahead and explain to you guys what I did anyway.

Six tips to get pregnant naturally with PCOS

 1. Don't take too much stress:

Do not stress I think this is what caused me not to get pregnant so quickly because I did stress myself out so so much that it was doing an effect on my body so just don't stress. Don't let it get to you at all whatsoever.

2.Track your ovulation period:

How I conceived naturally with PCOS tracking my ovulation in the period I did use the app to check my ovulation in the period. I think these two apps do work well together because I did use the Go app a lot they have a community page where you can make an account and you will go on there and other people are trying as well.

So you can get a little positive box from other people that are going through the same thing as you guys um and it also does give you an idea for you guys you and your partner to have an idea when to try again to increase your chances also okay if you guys see me looking down I'm actually I have some notes here okay.

3. Dieting and Exercise are a must:

Dieting and exercise after I found out how I conceived naturally with PCOS, my doctor,  recommended me  I would die in exercise so it would increase my chances and I believe that helped as well.

I was a lot more overweight than I am now and I believe that did help me because I did get pregnant two months later. After I started losing weight.

4. Eat lots of fruits:

Eat lots of fruits because fruits contain a lot of vitamins and it increases the quality of the egg.

 I did look this up I don't know if it works or not but it could have worked I'm not sure it could have helped increase the chances or not but it's worth a try.

5.Provera(regulate your period):

Provera this helps regulate your period because my period was solely regular I didn't know when I would all be late.

 I didn't know the next time I would start my period so it's good to get your period under control and regular at first so you have an idea when to keep trying if that makes sense each month.

I did do things that work a lot because like I said after how I conceived naturally with PCOS I got pregnant I found out I got  6 weeks pregnant after I started all of this with PCOS.

 6.Metformin(sugar pill):

Metformin it's also another medicine you could take it's actually a sugar pill but they do give it for PCOS patients and I really do think this works because I took Provera the first month and then the second month I took metformin with it Pro Vera and that's the month.

How I conceived naturally with PCOS I did get pregnant after metformin I do you think this does help so much with PCOS for me I don't know if it will work for any of you guys but I do think it worked I did work for me all of it like.

I'm saying I don't know if it may or may not we'll help you guys but I do wish everyone luck out there and lots of baby dust your way I really do hope that you found that moment like I did in the morning when I found out that I was pregnant with my bf P.

I was super excited and had so many tears in my eyes and my daughter's now three months old and it's the best busing I've ever had in my life. How I conceived naturally with PCOS she is so so worth everything that I went through like I said do not stress whatsoever because if you stress it does having a huge effect on her body and just if it's not your time this month just look at next month to just keep moving forward and just say hey it might be in my time next month.

You know just never lose hope and I'll keep you guys in my prayers so you guys will have that chance one day because I do think that any woman that wants to be a mother so bad does deserve it they do deserve that chance to love someone of their own that's their own kid. 

Conceiving with PCOS

  The first three steps that you need to take if you are struggling with PCOS and you are trying to conceive naturally. How I conceived naturally with PCOS is reversible if you tackle it naturally. Once you start taking medication for it, then you're only treating the symptoms and you're not getting to the root cause. So the way to reverse it is through natural methods, and I'll get you started on three today.

 The first thing I want to talk to you guys about is the emotional root of PCOS. Yes, let's just dive in deep straight away, right? Why should we wait? I have written a blog post that is called exactly that.

 The Emotional Root of PCOS. But I've written this post because I have come to discover that, in a lot of the cases of my patients, there actually is an emotional root. And it's not always the only thing, but it is a big thing. And it covers two things:

 suppression of femininity, so your womanhood; or suppression of creativity. 

How I conceived naturally with PCOS are able to look at maybe their childhood, their teenage years, and when it comes to suppression of femininity, we'll either figure out that the relationship with their dad was really poor.

 Maybe Dad wasn't around, maybe he was harsh. He might even have been abusive. Or they may have had another traumatic experience with a guy. What then happens with a lot of these women is, subconsciously and sometimes consciously, they think I don't want to be a woman.

 I don't want to be beautiful, I don't want to be seen, I don't want to express my womanhood, I hate my periods, I don't want to be pregnant, all of that. And, as I said, some of it can be subconscious and some of it can be conscious.

 So it's not so strange that a lot of women with how I conceived naturally with PCOS will put on a lot of weight because what does weight do? It hides you. And, although that can be really painful, deep down you might find actually out that it feels a lot safer than losing a little bit of weight and having more curves. 

So think about that if this is something that applies to you. The same is the case for when it comes to hair growth. If you've got hair growth in your face, every woman will hate that. 

We have so many methods and ways to get rid of it because we don't want that. But, again, if that is happening, that can be a result as well of you suppressing your femininity. And, of course, there are complete chemical imbalances, there are hormonal imbalances that are causing it. How I conceived naturally with PCOS, not you're thinking yourself fat or you're thinking yourself hairy. That's not the case.

 But emotional root causes can absolutely have a physical effect. So think about whether this is something that you're struggling with and, if so, if you need to do any work on that by writing, by talking to somebody, or maybe just acknowledging that this is the case. I also said there was another root cause that I often see, and that's the suppression of creativity.

 So that's a really interesting one as well because, if you think about how I conceived naturally with PCOS, the big issue is, usually, that you're just not ovulating. You're not producing healthy, mature eggs and then releasing them. This is pretty much the most creative thing any woman can do, right, 'cause you're producing this little egg that can actually become a person.

 It's physically the most creative thing we can do. Now what I've seen that a lot of women may be in their teenage years, they wanted to be a singer or they wanted to be a pianist or an actress or any kind of other artists. But their parents said oh no, no, no, no. You're going to law school just like Daddy. Or they will say no, you need to do something sensible. 

You need to make sure that you have an income, take care of yourself. And, as a result, these women go and do something that doesn't really have their heart's desire, and they might even cut off their creativity completely and not even keep it just as a hobby. So what's really important is that, if you remember that something like that has happened before you were diagnosed with how I conceived naturally with PCOS, maybe you need to dip your toe in it again or maybe just start drawing.

 But even if you think you can't draw, just do something. Color something, make a card for somebody, make up a song, it doesn't really matter. Even cooking is a creative thing to do. Gardening is creative. Think of anything that is creative. And I promise you that this will really benefit your health because once you allow that creativity here in your head and your heart, your body will start to get the gist of it again as well.

 So these are two really important root causes that you can look into, and I haven't gone into it in depth right now. So definitely head on over to that blog post. But this is just a little summary. And if this sparks something with you, definitely think about it and look further. And if you're that one out of 10 people that is sure that there is no suppression of femininity or of creativity in any shape or form, that's fine. Of course, that's possible. There are many more reasons for how I conceived naturally with PCOS,. And even if you do have an emotional root, it might not be the only thing. But it's a really important one to work on and look at if it is playing a part in your condition.

When will the ovulation cycle come:

 Yes, we are looking at charting again. Please don't get annoyed with me. But let me explain to you why this is so important when you have PCOS and you're trying to conceive. Even if you're not trying to conceive, it's really important because you need to be able to figure out where you're at in your cycle, if you're ovulating at all. And you can figure that out through taking your temperature and doing ovulation tests.

 And I know taking ovulation tests can be really frustrating if you have PCOS because you can have positive tests (in high-pitched, high-speed voice) after test, after test, (back to normal voice) and still not ovulate because your luteinizing hormone tends to be on the high side.

 I'll go into this a bit more probably (chuckles) so don't worry about that for now if this makes no sense to you. But, once you do ovulate, you'll want to be able to know that. And once you ovulate, you'll be able to predict when you have your next period. So I even do this will all of my how I conceived naturally with PCOS patients that are not necessarily trying to conceive because it tells me so much about their hormone balance. 

If you are trying to conceive, then charting is even more important because your cycles are going to be super long. You might not ovulate, but when you do ovulate, once you have an egg that's ready, you'll want to be able to catch it, right? So charting is super important, especially for you. Did I just hit myself in the face? Yeah, I hit myself in the face.

Conceiving naturally with PCOS

Whole food diet and cut your sugar:

If you've already been doing some research on tackling how I conceived naturally with PCOS but you need to be on a whole food diet, and you need to cut sugar. You need to cut sugar.

 I'm going to explain to you why this is important because when you understand why it's important, it's so much easier to do. Otherwise, you're just going to feel like oh, I can't have my donuts, I can't have a drink. I already feel fat, I'm not going to lose any weight even though I don't eat any of that. What's the point?

 There is a huge point, especially if you want a baby. Because if your sugar intake is high, so that can be just sugar as we know sugar and that can be refined flour, then your sugar levels are going to be high.

  How I conceived naturally with PCOS if your sugar levels are high, then insulin, which is a hormone, is going to be high. Insulin is the hormone that's responsible for bringing sugar into the cells. So if sugar is high and your body feels like oh, we need to work really hard to get the sugar into the cells, so let's bring up insulin to bring it into the cells. 

The problem is if your insulin is high a lot and long term, that also brings up androgens. And androgens are okay, but we don't want a lot of them because those are the ones that cause all the hair in the places we don't want it. Also, it prevents you from maturing eggs properly and prevents you from ovulating. So now you that that donut and that flute of champagne might keep you from ovulating, maybe it's a little bit easier to leave it to the side.

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