How many banana calories are beneficial to eat?

Bananas are heavy and it is a fruit that does not contain seeds. Banana calories contain about 75 percent of water and 25 percent food content.  Banana is a fruit grown from the family of the Mussaki family, which grows in the clumps hanging downwards.

 It is cultivated mostly in tropical areas.  Bananas calories are much more beneficial to eat. Banana, which is very cheap, as well as it is available in 12 months market.

 Banana is very good for health.  Every day a banana food keeps the mind healthy. Banana is a great source of sugar and fiber.

 Vitamin A and B are available in adequate amounts in bananas as thymine, niacin and folic acid. Banana is considered to be a good source of energy.

 In addition, water content is 64.3%, protein is 1.3%, carbohydrate 24.7% and lubricant 8.3%. banana calories are very helpful in lifting weights and reducing leanness and removing our daily need for energy. 

Shortly after eating two bananas a day, the weight of the weaker person increases significantly and it eliminates leanness. 

Banana is considered to be a fruit rich in energy. If you also have Fit Body and Healthy Life in Life then you must know the valuable benefits of Banana.

Types of banana:

The banana is of two types. Raw banana and the other ripe. It is not that the ripe banana itself is fine and not raw. Rather, both banana itself has its own advantages.

 By eating a raw banana, blood disorders, burns, wounds, and cough are cured. The same cooked fruit is delicious, nutritious and weight gainers.

When the banana should eat

Right Time To Eat Bananas:

The biggest benefit of banana calories is to wake up in the morning after eating and after drinking milk.

 According to Ayurveda, it is better to eat a banana morning meal. You can take it during the day after eating it. Always avoid avoiding any fruit at night.

                banana calories benefits 

1. Banana removes tension stress and moods are good.

2. The banana strengthens the bones and removes the lack of blood in the body.

3. Banana consumption reduces the risk of kidney cancer.

4. Banana digestion enhances power and helps in increasing weight.

5. Banana reduces blood pressure and also reduces the risk of a heart attack.

6. Using banana increases our ability to learn and remember.

7. Blood sugar remains in control by a banana.

8. Vitamin B6 is rich in banana, which helps in the creation of white blood cells on the vertex and the nervous system also functions in the right way.

9. Banana consumption is beneficial for morning fatigue.

10. Banana is also helpful in removing the swelling.

11. Rubbing banana peels on leather shoes or purse from inside is shining in them.

12. The banana reduces the temperature of the body due to which its consumption is very beneficial for fever and for our health on a hot day.

13. It is also helpful in recovering the electrolytes that were finished during diarrhea.

14. Banana peel is used to remove salty etc.

Eliminating hunger:

Banana is a fruit that gives us the benefit of filling our stomach. There are tests in eating other fruits but they can not be filled with the stomach. 

But the banana is such a fruit, whenever you have a strong appetite or if you want to erase your appetite, take 2 – 3 bananas

It will very easily fill your stomach. That is why most people taking a vow, and during the journey, most people consumed bananas.

Stress Remover:

Stress has become a very big topic related to health in today’s times. Due to its strange atmosphere, we are in tension with small things. 

The elements that remove this tension are also found in bananasBy eating bananas, relief comes in stress, sometimes we do not eat in stress or think of something. 

Digestive Recovery:

Today, most diseases are associated with our stomach. If your stomach is right then you can never become sick. The cure of the stomach makes you healthy. 

Banana food improves our digestion. Banana is very easy to eat and even easier to digest. 

This removes many disorders related to our stomach and diagnoses the problem of gas and indigestion. Diet is digested easily after eating a banana after eating.

Energy reductionist:

Banana caters to the need for the energy we need throughout the day. Banana contains very beneficial ingredients that meet the body’s needs.

 Many times when we are tired and we feel the need for energy then eat bananasBy eating two to three bananas every day, our daily needs are easily completed. So whenever you feel the need for energy then you are not able to eat a banana.

Diseases Removal:

If you have any problem related to the stomach, you should start eating bananas. Banana is like a panacea for stomach problems.

 It can also remove the related diseases of your stomach. Whenever you get the problem of DST or dysentery, you have not eaten it. Apart from this, banana is beneficial in removing the heat of the stomach and also removing it.

For a healthy and healthful body:

Curative properties are found in bananas which help in increasing our weight. Banana keeps our digestion right so that we eat anything of ours – Piya looks well in our body. 

When you have food in the body, you will see its effect. Every day two to three bananas will increase your weight significantly by eating continuously for 2 to 3 months. It increases weight but controls your fat. That’s a very good specialty.

Other Benefits of Banana Foods:


  • If the blood is not closed even after injury, then apply banana stalk juice at that place.
  •  If you are getting nervous then get rid of it by mixing a spoonful of sugar and small cardamom, by cutting it in a cooked bowl.
  •  If you have a herpes problem, then grind the banana peas in lemon juice and apply it to the paste.
  •  Those who have ulcers should eat a raw banana.
  •  If you are getting urine, again and again, mixing Ghee with banana juice benefits it.
  • Due to diarrhea, diarrhea with diarrhea provides relief from diarrhea.
  •  Burning banana leaves on the floor, even after burning on some of the body, gives relief to the burn.
  •  To remove the blisters of the mouth, eat bananas with the cow’s messenger curd.
  •  Pregnant women should eat plenty of bananas.
  • If you have a sex problem or lack of orgasm to fulfill the partner you should eat one banana half an hour before sex and drink warm water after eating a banana. You will get energy and it will boost your sex power. Try this method for 1 month and then leave it.

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