Body Scrub Benefits For Dry & Oily Skin Types

If the face is soft, then it should be handled with flowers.For the beauty of the face,and to take body scrub benefits  we should take special care of it. Our face blooms after getting extra care.

 Now let me tell you how to scrub the house. Very important for scrubbing the face. 

This leaves the dead skin, extra oil, and dust clay. Now whenever you have a facial, use the house-made scrub. 

It will also save you a lot of money and you will save your face with a chemical-filled scrub. You can make a scrub at home according to your skin and your liking.

If you suddenly have to go to a party, the face is dull, lifeless, then just make the scrub and scrubbing right at home. Your face will be refreshed and beautiful immediately.

People make a lot of mistakes while using skincare techniques. External make-up can give you an attractive look until a temporary time.

 But repeatedly putting too much makeup on will harm your skin. It will be necessary to keep your skin deeper and remove the dead skin layer, which can only be done by the technique of scrub and exfoliation.

That’s why we have brought some natural skin scrub here that you can make.

 body scrub benefits

Body scrub benefits and its uses:

To make a move to the face of scratch 
First of all, the scrub is made from fruits. What can be good friends with fruits for the face?

 Knowing the benefits of eating fruit, you have many advantages, but putting it on the skin has many advantages. You can choose the fruits according to the weather.

 By eating fruits your body is healthy and healthy. You can make your best scrub by doing some creativity with whatever fruit you have.

Green Tea Ginger Coffee Body Scrub Benefits:

Glow offers a chimerical receipt for a homemade scrub that’s conceptional for anyone who deals with extra dry cutaneous. The recipe uses only dry ingredients, so there’s no exigency to vex touching warehouse for long periods of time. It also makes a balmy present. Get ready for a radiating post-shower blush.  

Sea Salt Scrub A basic homemade consistency scrub can be crafted with fine mine marine salt, and a little nourishing almond, jojoba, alligator pear, olive, coconut, or grapeseed anoint. Warm a tick of metallic in the microwave for a few seconds until it suits runny but not too irascible to the touch. Pour about a mercy cup of the honey into an unimportant prostrate. Stir in 2 tablespoons of your top dog oil. It’s reviving, stimulate, and easy to whip together, plus it will keep in the icebox for up to two weeks.  

Sweet Almond Oil Body Scrub:

Sugar is the keystone scale ingredient in this luscious almond smear holystone. Just flourish this up in a bowl and step into the especially. 

Lemon zest is another ambrosial choice that also loins constrictive and toning properties. Apparently, Cate Blanchett loves a pious DIY thickness scrub, too. You along soften coconut anoint and steep green tea in it. Oatmeal is a tame anti-dissentious exfoliant, and nectar succor the skin pertain dew. 

The green tea and ginger grout sugar brushwood recipe are as rejuvenating as it is scale. Pop out a third before your shower bath and enjoy it. Finish the intermix with bentonite cledge to purify your pores. For spare breathe, go with honey. To heighten the share with a scent, coalesce a few lower of your favorite being anoint. Follow with a curative moisturizer. 

Milk and Almond Face and Body Scrub Benefits:

Since it’s recommended to shed once or doubly a sevennight, take the easy course and conquer up an ample batch of this skim and almond contemptible that will last you weeks. 

In this pumice from Sprinkle of Green, coconut anoints mention extra moisturizing and nutritive effects, while pome cider vinegar helps restore the skin’s pH poise. Fragrant idiopathic smear and vitamin E round out this mean. The base is one of sugar-coat and coconut meat or almond oil, along with the avail of vitamin E.

Advantages of a fruit scrub made from fruit ( Face Scrub ) –

If you like the fruit, then you take it in some form by adding it to your diet. It is also a great way to use it as a beauty.

 Even if you do not eat fruit, you can still feel it.
It is very easy to make a scrub from the fruit, and its peels are also used in the fruit.

It is easy and less expensive. A small piece of fruit can give a new color to your face.
There are many nutritious ingredients in the fruit which are necessary for your face. 

These fresh fruits are better than chemicals.

Fruit made face Scrub

Benefits of Body Scrubs – Natural skin scrub

Mango’s body scrub

Homemade Scrabble Made of Avocado                     
In the summertime, common is the commonly found fruit, so far you have tasted its taste. Now see another use of it. To make this scrub, you have to get a very ripe mango.

 Combine it with a little water and make a thicker form with the help of a juicer. Mix one spoonful of sugar, one spoonful of essential oil, and part of coconut oil in this thick mango.

 After this massage, after 15 minutes of massage on your face and body, wash it with lukewarm water.

Scrub made from orange – 

In the cold the orange begins to come, in such a way, the scrub should be used by the orange itself. 

Vitamin G is in orange, from which citric acid is formed. Orange has its own fragrance, which fills the skin with freshness.

Mix 2 tbsp oats into 2 tbsp orange juice and make a paste. Now wash the face and clean it, then press the massage in it.

 After 2-3 minutes wash it and apply face cream. This is the perfect scrub in the cold time for your skin.

Scrub made from watermelon: 

The fruit of summer is full of watermelon minerals. In our bodies, the watermelon fulfills the lack of water during summer. Watermelon gives relief to the heat of heat. 

The heat gets scorched by heat and irritation in the heat, in such a way, the melon scrub provides freshness and freshness.

Take 1 cup of watermelon juice, add 2 tbsp gram flour in it. Now massage it on the face and wash after 2-3 minutes. With this, the face will come back in color and the face will not look lifeless.

 Papaya scrub –

 Papaya is such a fruit that is always found in our country, but it is best to use it in the rain for the face. Pappas’ pulp and its peel are both good for the face. 

Whenever you eat papaya, just take out its peel and rub it in your face. Very soon your skin will get a new color.

For the scrub, add 1 tbsp sugar and 1 tbsp oats to the pulp of ½ cup papaya. Apply it to the face and massage in a circular motion. This will remove the dead cells of the face. Let it be 2 min and then clean the face.

Scrabbles made of lemons – 

Lemon is something that lives in everyone’s house at all times. The citric acid present in the lemon is good for the face, by applying it, the color of the face is also light.

Take 1 tbsp lemon juice and mix 1 tbsp of honey and ½ tbsp sugar. Apply this scrub to your face, now massage in a circular motion. By massaging sugar will start melting slowly. 

This is a very easy and fast-growing scrub. It also removes black spots of the face and gives fairness to the face.

Mint and pepper scrub:

To make this special scrub, take a few pieces of the half-pounded piper, half teaspoon mint, essential oil, half a teaspoon rock salt, and some drops of olive oil in a medium-sized vessel.

 Mix all these ingredients together on the part of your face where there is more dead skin. Massage your skin using your fingers and remove the scrub on your face for ten minutes and remove it from lukewarm water. If you get more dry skin then apply moisturizer.

Coffee scrubs

If you have coffee granules at home, grind it a bit and if coffee is powder then it can also be used to make amazing scrub. Take a spoonful of coffee in a vessel and mix sugar in equal quantities.

 Add some quantity of olive oil and mix well. Rubbing this scrub with your hands on the face and body. It would be better if you put on one whole body of the body at one go. After this 10-minute scrub procedure, wash it with lukewarm water.

Sugar face scrub – 

For this, add 2 tbsp sugar in 1 tbsp coconut oil. Now put this scrub on the face with a light hand massage. Do the massage circular motion only. Massage 60 seconds and wash it with lukewarm water.

It is very easy when you do not have much time and some do not understand what to apply on the face, adopt this simple method. You can also make it in a box and use it in need.

Citrus green tea body scrub benefits

First, take a small quantity of soda with a spoon of rock salt and mix it with one spoon of olive oil it. Mix some quantity of green tea with other ingredients.

 Now mix some quantity of lemon in it. Mix all these ingredients with the help of a spoon. Put it on your whole body and rubbing it for 5 minutes so that it dries and goes inside the body with the help of body piercings. Its regular use will give you attractive looks.

Oatmeal scrub

If you want extraordinary strength on your face then barley scrub will provide a good benefit. To make this scrub, mix one spoon of barley flour and one spoon of honey in a vessel so that it becomes a coating.

 Add some drops of essential oil to the moisturizer in it. Put this scrub on your face in the clockwise direction and then rotating in the opposite direction with your fingers. After scrubbing, leave for 3 minutes and then wash it with cold water.

Kiwi scrub

How to scrub, take a kiwi fruit, now with your fingertips, peel this fruit, and remove the peel. Now take a bowl and put two teaspoons of sugar in it and mix well in the vessel with Kiwi.

 Now mix two drops of sunflower oil in this mixture. Put this mixture around your face and neck. And start scrubbing with the tip of your fingers.

Banana face scrub

body scrub benefits

Banana made scrub –

Banana is also such a fruit that is easily found in all seasons, banana scrub removes dryness of the face and the face gets moisture.

To make a scrub, mash 2 teaspoon bananas, add 1 teaspoon milk and 2 spoon of oats to it. Now add 1 spoon, honey. Mix all and make a paste.

 Put it on the face and massage for a while. Now after 10 min clean it with water. Slowly massage makes facial shit out and dead cells get out. 

This scrub is very good for sensitive skin. By applying this, there will be no damage to your face or no allergy.

Scrub of rice

Mash 1⁄2 cup ripe papaya with rice powder of 1⁄2 cup. In it, mix lemon juice and paste and massage with this paste and after 5 minutes wash it with water.

Scrub Moong Dal

In a 1⁄2 cup of moong dal powder, mix 1⁄4 cup cord. Mix the water with this paste as needed, mix it with a light hand on the face. Let dry and wash with normal water for a while.

Scrub Khasakhas 

Mix 1 tsp of honey, 1/2 tsp of powder of sandalwood, 1/2 tsp of poppy powder. Rub it on your face. This will remove the skin that is dead and improve the skin.

 Scrub of Chiraunji

In 1 tsp chop powder, mix 1 teaspoon of roasted petal paste and milk. Now scrub the face with light hands, wash it with cold water and remove scaly skin. Cashew nuts or almond powder can also be used instead of chiraunji.

Scrub Walnut

In 3 t spoon nut powder, insert about 80 ml of almond oil and 6 drops of cinnamon oil on the face. This makes the skin by brushing it clean and beautiful.

Tomato scrub

Tomato contains a good source of lycopene, it is an antioxidant, it fights with free radicals in living cells. Intense antioxidant protects from the age effect of the skin.

Take 1 tomato, squeeze the tomato juice into a bowl and add 2 teaspoons of sugar in it and mix well and start scrubbing.

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Things to remember – scrub benefits for your body

Wash your face, neck, and hands thoroughly before applying scrub or any other cream on your face.

The skin of our face is fragile, so avoid harsh trauma.

Always massage in the spherical motion by pushing the outside and upwards.

Wash off the dry cotton cloth or with water.

After this, apply moisturizer to your face.

Seasonal and Mint scrub body benefits:
For this, take about half a cup of sugar, four spoons of coconut oil, piper mint, 2 drops of essential oil, and seasonal peel in a vessel, mix all these ingredients well and apply them to your face.

 Slowly move this scrub to the face in spherical motion, it will remove all dead skin from your face. Wash for 5 minutes with lukewarm water.
So, friends, I hope you have liked the article on body scrub benefits for dry & oily skin types. Please share with your friends and comment on it.

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