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                     Junk food is poisonous for health

   Junk food is poisonous for health and is responsible for the growing trend.

 Children who eat fast food are victims of such diseases. There are those who are considered as old age diseases.

   Another nutritionist and dietician Dr. Meghana Joshi draws a horrific picture saying that in earlier times the children were born on food made from wheat, rice, curd, and green vegetables, but these things became part of history these days. 

     Junk food names that are dangerous for health

  • Burgers
  • Pizzas
  • Samosa
  • Chickpeas
  • Chips
  • Many more …………

In the urban areas of today, the favorite food for juveniles is burgers, pizzas, French fries, chickpeas, samosas, and not many such things.

Growing children need about 1500 calories a day, half of the carbohydrate, 20 percent fat, and 30 percent of proteins. But things that are readily available in the name of fast food in the market, have sugar and fat, but the protein is almost absent.

 Not only this, but artificial salt and preservatives falling in them are also poisonous for health. Protein deficiency creates health problems in them.

Nowadays, fast-food attachments are increasing in children and young people. People do not have enough time in the running and running life that they can eat healthy food, and they eat their food after eating anything else.

Occasionally there is no particular evil in taking fast food to change the taste, but their addiction is quite fatal.

 It is not that they are completely empty with nutrients, but to maintain their nutrition, it is necessary to keep the temperature between 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. Due to the hot climate, poor traffic, and collection facilities, reaching the fridges of fast food centers, their nutriment ends to some extent.

For the increasing habit of fast food, the makers of these food items are trying to create hilarious advertisements and big celebrities on their TV screen and for their promotion of sloganeering by attracting slogans, they have an impact on the immature mind of children.

  They insist on eating those same things. Secondly, today the monogamy of food cooked in the Indian kitchen also forces the children to bend over fast food. The same thing is that they get bored and they live to eat something new. 

Side Effects of Junk food  to be avoided by children

It is necessary to prevent the child’s urine against the outside food, that their mothers feed them by cooking different things in their kitchen.

Some doctors believe that the government should immediately make a law to stop Fast Food Centers from selling these cheap and harmful foods. Also, the quality of food and drink items available at the fast-food centers should be checked by the unbiased official.

French fries: Only Mandrake and fat, the protein is absent.

Burger: Due to being made of maida, the nutrients are empty.

Noodles: lack of nutrients due to being made of maida.

Chola-Bhatura: The fat and the mandate are in excessive amounts. Fried beetles are harmful to the stomach and intestine.

Chips: Due to excessive fat and artificial preservatives, it is harmful. Eating too much leads to obesity.


Cold-drink: Due to being made in phosphoric acid, bones weaken.

Pizza: nutritional elements Although they also contain nutritious things like vegetables and meat, due to rancidity they can cause stomach disorders.

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