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Many times side income ideas we see that many young people in India want to do business, they have many new-age technologies and science-related tactics that through them they want to start their business but many young people The lack of money means lack of capital money and that is why they can not start their own business. That’s why we wrote this article, especially for those young people who have the strongest desire to master and do something. Not only this, this article can do anyone and start your own business.

 I’m an entrepreneur and an educator and something I’m very passionate about passive income I think it’s so important that we work smarter instead of just harder.

We figure side income ideas on how we can earn more while working less and these different strategies that I’m going to share with you to allow you to do exactly that now if you happen to be new to passive income and maybe you’re not sure how it works.

To watch passive income 101 in which I break that all down with that being said let’s jump on into these nine different ways that you can earn $1000 or more with passive income every single month.

Nine different ways to earn $1000 in a month

1  side income ideas Start your Youtube Channel:

 Start a YouTube channel so obviously, I have this channel here on YouTube and we put out videos every single week and across the channel. Basically, once you create your channel you can allow running ads on your videos.

Those are the ads that you see before the video starts that make the ads that show up over there in the side column or sometimes down below at the video and if someone clicks on those ads then the video creator gets half of the money that the business paid to run the ads.

From YouTube, we can make different amounts of money per thousand views that the channel gets my channel is making it about eight dollars or so per thousand views but it’s more typical to make an average of about five dollars per thousand views and if you make that average amount than you need 200 thousand views per month.

In order to make one thousand dollars per month from this passive income and one thing that you might be thinking right now is well it’s not really passive because you have to keep making videos every single week in order to keep making that money but the thing is that most of that revenue most of the views we get on the channel actually come from all of the old videos we’ve created this entire library videos and people will keep on watching those even if I stop making videos here so yes I continue to make video so that I can make more and more money in the future but there is a significant amount of passive income that the YouTube channel generates.

2. Membership Website:

 The second way you can earn passive income is with a membership website so this is a website that you create that you put some sort of content on that in order to access the content people have to subscribe to the website.

Now oftentimes there’s some content that people can access for free of what is available but in order to get all the content or to get the premium content they need to pay a monthly membership fee about five dollars a month and the most expensive ones cost a few hundred dollars a month.

 So if you were running a  membership site to its users then you might charge your users 10 dollars per month in which case you’d only need 10 members in order to make a thousand dollars per month.

 To create that recurring revenue a month after month and you don’t have to maintain it now many of the best membership sites do continue to add new content every single month but it depends on how is the structure of your site and whether you create all that content in one batch or whether you’re choosing to create it every single month.   

3. Writing a Book  :

The next side income ideas are to write a book. I made a video called the best way to make passive income and I broke down several different ways that I make passive income and why some of them are better than others and why some of them make me more money than others.

You’ll know that a book isn’t my favorite way to make passive income but that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad way to make passive income writing a book can help you make advance your career now generally when people write and publish a book they’ll earn royalties of around $5 per copy that is sold so if you did earn average amount of $5 per copy you would need to sell 200 copies of your book per month in order to make $1000 a passive income.

4.Lead Generation: 

Another way that you can create passive income is by creating a lead generation website for a service business now what exactly does that mean well it means you would work with other business that is offering some sort of service even a premium product to their customers.

You would create a website of your own that is essentially an advertisement for that website it probably offers prospective customers some free resource or a free consultation call and you drive traffic to that website so that you can get leads for the company that you’re working with and then that company pays you for these leads.

In order to do this successfully, you will need to have a working knowledge of digital marketing so that you know how to drive the right traffic to the website and how to turn that traffic into leads for the company that you’re working with depending on the industry the quality of the leads and how much money the product that the company that you’re working with sells their product for you’ll be able to charge different amounts for the leads on the low end of average if your leads are decent quality you could charge it about five dollars per lead. 

Some of these businesses which everyone can do with less capital or without capital are mentioned below :

side income ideas Online ticketing business:

side income ideas Online ticketing business

                          side income ideas Online ticketing business

If you come to pay bills like an online railway, airplane tick, and electricity, then you can start the job of booking tickets online and paying their bills for people from your own home. To start this work, you only have internet, computer, and printer.


The cost of starting a ticket business from Rs. 15 thousand to 25 thousand rupees

The profit in this business is unpredictable.

side income ideas SEO Consulting:

With the help of SEO, the web page is brought to the first page in ASRP results and at the moment there are many online companies that are the target of professional SEO professionals, so if you want you can start SEO Consulting from your own home. .

To start the business of SEO consulting, you will only need a computer with an Internet connection.

You also have to create a social media profile page. With the help of which you will be able to share your services, your contact number with the people and give them a piece of information about their consulting.


Cost of introducing SEO Consulting Business – 40 thousand rupees

The profit in this business is 


side income ideas Online clothing business:


                         side income ideas Online clothing business

Nowadays there are many housewives who do side income ideas like online clothing business in the sale of clothes through online and if you wish, you can also do this work on the social media site, have to put the photo of the clothes and any customers who want those clothes, The clothes must be delivered. In addition to clothing, you can sell bags, jewelry, and even things online.


Expenditure incurred in starting an online clothing selling business
The profit in this business is unpredictable


 Online surveys:

There are many companies that are looking for people who can survey their homes on the phone or online for their company online. So the housewives who are thinking of doing a part-time job sitting at home can do the job to do the survey. To get these jobs, just have to share their bio-data on a site like


Salary found in online survey jobs is unpredictable


 Freelance Writer:

Many websites require a freelancer writer so if you come to write good articles you can become a freelance author. To get the job of a Freelancer Writer, you just have to post your CV online. After which you will get responses from the various portals.


Expenditure incurred in starting a freelance writer
business –
The profit in this business is

 side income ideas Insurance consultant :

If you open an insurance consultancy or take an insurance professional, it will also prove to be a good option for business.


Salary found in insurance consultant is 

unpredictable as commission.

So, friends, I hope you have liked this article please share in your group and comment on it. To know more about interesting online internet income ideas please follow the link.

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