Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary Tract Infection: 5 Common Signs for Early Detection

UTI is also termed as urinary tract infection and it is very common in women. There are certain processes with which you can prevent UTI as well as can make some relief from UTI. It is an infection of bacteria in your urinary tract and the infection is generally caused.

What is Urinary Tract Infection(UTI)

Have you ever heard about UTI’s, but aren’t sure exactly what they’re and know how to stop them? We’re here to assist you to understand how they occur and the way they will be easily avoided, to create sure you’re informed, healthy, and confident!

A UTI may be a form of infection that may affect any part of your urinary apparatus. Including your kidneys, ureters, bladder, or urethra.

How UTI Occurs?

A UTI occurs when fecal bacteria from your gut enter your urethra, the tube that carries urine from your bladder to outside your body. Once it enters your urethra, it can travel up to your bladder and cause an infection. If left untreated this infection could travel even further up to your kidneys and end in more severe symptoms.

Unfortunately, women are more at risk of UTIs than men due to their anatomy because their urethra is much shorter than men which makes it easy for bacteria to travel up to our bladder easily. UTI’s may be caused by sexuality, improper hygiene, or menopause. We are more vulnerable to infection while pregnant.


Urinary Tract Infection Signs/Symptoms:

1.Frequent urinate with burning pain.

The first common sign of urinary tract infection is a pain when urinating. When you have a urinary tract infection and acidic urine passes through an inflamed urethra it can cause a burning sensation. However, burning urination doesn’t always indicate a UTI.

It could also be due to a sexually transmitted infection such as gonorrhea and chlamydia or another vaginal irritation so have a check down to fully determine the cause of your urine. A UTI is in the course of symptoms sort of strong and frequent urge to urinate without actually having the ability to pass much.

2.Urine is cloudy.

The urine looks cloudy. Normal urine should be clear and have a light yellow color. Cloudy urine can be caused by a variety of conditions including vaginal discharge, dehydration, and sexually transmitted diseases but it’s also a common sign of a urinary tract infection.

Your urine that’s cloudy or contains blood, if you experience these symptoms, see a doctor immediately. You’ll be made to allow a urine sample to check. So will be easily cured in mere 2-3 days with antibiotics.

3.Urine has a strong smell:

Your urine has a strong smell in your urine doesn’t exactly have a pleasant smell. To begin with, you can change when eating certain foods think asparagus, or taking some medications.

When you have a urinary tract infection this smell becomes very strong and unpleasant due to bacteria in the urine. You feel like you aren’t able to fully empty your bladder.

4.Not able to fully empty your bladder:

You feel like you need to urinate after you’ve emptied your bladder. If you’re feeling that after you pee or there’s a dribble of urine after you think you have finished it’s an indication you might be suffering from a urinary tract infection.

5. Blood in your urine:

Pink redder color urine can seem scary but it’s usually not a sign of anything life-threatening. It’s often present when you are suffering from a urinary tract infection but there are other reasons. It can happen – ranging from something as simple as having just eaten beets call Pretoria to kidney stones and certain cancers.


1. Be hydrated

Drink much water and liquids throughout the day to remain hydrated and cleanse your system. Drinking water helps flush away the bacteria and puts you at the risk of losing you know any further or causing any further infection. Ensure you’re pushing bacteria removed from your urethra by wiping yourself from front to back within the bathroom.

2. Take a liquid fruit juice to prevent from UTI

Fruit juice doesn’t cure UTIs but prevents it by stopping bacteria from traveling in your system, so drink up. Cranberry juice or cranberry supplement whatever it contains certain materials which flush away the bacteria and keeps them from sticking to the bladder of your wall.

That’s a very important thing if it flushes out the bacteria from the bladder or the wall of your bladder it can actually cure the disease pretty faster. In particular, ensure to take care of proper hygiene and keep yourself clean. UTI’s often recur so if you have got experienced one within the past be extra cautious. Tract Infections are a pain, literally. But they’re also extremely easy to avoid. So we hope you discover the following tips help with the knowledge you wish to feel comfortable, safe, and to openly discuss female health issues.

3. Vitamin C & its Supplements :

Vitamin C and vitamin C supplements work like a charm in this type of disease right. In a UTI vitamin, C makes you read more acidic. Acid is certain thing which we everybody fear like bacteria also fear acid. So if your urine makes more acidic in that case those bacteria will go away. They will die in that acidic environment and it can help you cure the disease pretty much faster.

4. Yogurt & Probiotics:

Probiotics help you to fight against those infectious bacteria which are helpful for your body. So yogurt contains lactobacillus bacteria which is good bifidobacteria.

It is also a good lactobacillus acidophilus. So all these bacteria once you take them they will go and fight against the bacteria that are causing the UTI., for example, the e.coli species or certain you know or candida yeast infection Albicans like fungi. So they will keep away all those other you know trespassers away from your bladder.

5.Hot Bag of water :

Apply heat to the belly and lower belly areas. Once you have pain this heat helps you to remove the pain and make you feel better. So in UTI take a hot bag of water on it and press it gently applied to your pubic area. This hot water pad can help relieve that burning sensation in done lower belly section emptying your bladder.

The major thing for UTI is drinking plenty of water and then emptying the bladder. The more you empty your bladder that means the more chances of the bacteria go away is high. So if you empty your bladder bacteria that are causing the infection will go away and you will be recovered.

6. Oregon grape and other ayurvedic medicines:

Oregon grape contains certain materials which also act to removes all those bacteria. It is having a very important property of anti-inflammation that means it prevents infection. So this is a very powerful thing. This can help to fight against bacteria like e-coli which can cause UTI and it can relieve. It can take all those other bacteria away from the UTI so this is a very good thing to go with.

7.Healthy Lifestyle:

You should maintain a healthy lifestyle that will help you to go away from all those bacterial infections in the future as well. Once you have a UTI you should not take alcohol, spicy food, nicotine, or caffeine because these things can irritate your better life. So if you had got one or you’re having a UTI and if you still take all those food it can cause harm. It will take more time to cure this particular disease right so be safe stay healthy.


If you think you have all of the signs that I have listed it may be time to check with your doctor. Your healthcare professional will be able to look at your symptoms and medical history and let you know what steps to take from there.


Q.1 How can I treat Urinary Tract Infection(UTI) at home?

Ans. To treat UTI without medicines people can use home remedies and apply them to the same.
1. Always be hydrated so that half of your UTI problem will get flushed away.
2. Consume vitamin C more in your diet. You can take lemon, amla as supplements.
3. Always use proper and safe hygiene.

Q.2 What are the symptoms of the Urinary Tract Infection(UTI)?

Ans. The common symptoms of UTI are :
1. Burning sensation when you urinate.
2. Blood from urine comes out.
3. Urine when passes have a strong smell.
4. Urine looks cloudy.

Q.3 What causes urinary tract infection(UTI)?

Ans. A UTI occurs when fecal bacteria from your gut enter your urethra, the tube that carries urine from your bladder to outside your body. Once it enters your urethra, it can travel up to your bladder and cause an infection. Bacteria are the most common cause of UTIs.

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