Benefits of weight loss juices

      What are weight-loss soups?

 Soups are part of the liquid diet that is usually consumed before a meal or at times as a replacement for snacks. 

There are different varieties of weight loss juices that are healthy and nutritious as they contain vegetables and other nutrients.

 Some people include soups in their daily diet in order to control weight. Weight loss juices can be an effective tool for weight loss. Here are different soups that aid in weight loss and how they work.

     Different types of juices for weight loss

Vegetarian Soups:

     Vegetable soup for weight loss juice diet can be the best choice as they are low in calories with rich nutrient value. There are certain soups that aid weight loss. 
A few of them are listed below:

Cabbage soup

This is the most commonly known soup for weight loss juice and is also widely used by people for quick weight loss.

Clear soups
Clear soups are low in calories that help your body to reduce weight loss juice.

Tomato soup

Tomato soup aids in weight loss. Tomato is one of the vegetables that can quickly burn calories.
Best Soups For Weight Loss

Carrot and coriander soup

Carrot soup is rich in nutrients and very low in calories and helps in the weight loss of the person.

Non- vegetarian soups:

Non-vegetarian soup recipes for weight loss recipes are relatively higher in calories when compared to vegetarian soups. 

It’s not advisable to have red meat and hence adding mutton or beef to soups must be avoided while following a weight loss regime.

Reasonable amounts of chicken and egg can be added to soup as they are rich in protein. Few non-vegetarian soups with low calories are listed below:

Chicken and cabbage soup

Fried Chicken and vegetable hot soup

Egg drop soup


  • Fullness: Consuming soups as starters before a meal gives fullness and enables them to consume less quantity of food during a meal.
  • Very few calories: Comparing to other starters, soups are low in calories and are healthy as they are usually prepared with vegetables or ingredients that have high nutrition value. When soups are consumed before a meal by a person, the person’s intake is reduced by 100 calories for that meal. In this way, total calories per day can be reduced. Select the best soup for weight loss recipes based on the following factors:
  • Low in calories -The calories in a serving must fall within 150 calories.
  • Low in sodium- Sodium has water retention capacity so avoid soups with sodium or consume soups that are low in sodium.
  • Homemade soups– Ready-made soups may contain preservatives so it’s safe to have soups that are homemade.
  • Avoid creamy soups – It’s better to avoid soups like cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup as they are rich in calories.
Thus, soups provide necessary nutrients to the body without increasing the weight. For more information regarding weight-loss juices click here.

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