why I stopped wearing a bra

                            Why you should be braless?

I’m going to be talking about boobs yay more specifically why you should be braless.

Yes, today we will talk about why I stopped wearing a bra and why you should stop wearing bras and should be braless too. If you want to there’s just one reason why I say that in the title and right now is because it just helped me so much.

How I feel and how it will affect my own boobs in the future and I just think it’s a healthier choice it feels better and I’m just gonna get right into this some to start off by saying that it’s not something that I like one day I was like I’m just gonna stop wearing bras it was actually kind of something that naturally happened over time.

For me really started in the summer of this year because in the summer I wear a lot of shirts like this and I mean you’re probably like why are you wearing sure it’s all right now it’s winter but I live in California so it’s allowed so yeah I would just always wear shirts like this like we’re crop tops and halter top and shirts that would basically always show my bra straps if I did wear it.


So why I stopped wearing a bra because in summers I wear certain shirts and so I wouldn’t and then I realized like most shirts I wear don’t really require a bra.

I didn’t really realize that I was kind of never wearing bras anymore I would wear a bra occasionally like if a shirt was really see-through or the shirt that didn’t show my bra straps and I would just wear a bra then I never really realized that why I stopped wearing a bra anymore until people started commenting about it.

My mom and my boyfriend and my friends and they’re all like you don’t wear bra do you and just like I guess I don’t it also made me realize that my boobs were feeling a lot better.

I was looking up you know online just because I was super bored you know how you look like really weird random things when you’re bored I did that and I looked up like health benefits of not wearing a bra and there were so many.

After reading all those I was just like well shit I better start wearing a bra altogether so that’s essentially why I did that’s basically just a really short story of how and why I stopped wearing a bra.

Now I’m going to go into detail about what I found to be really beneficial to my boobs when I don’t wear a bra so let’s get into that.

 Why I stopped wearing a bra Benefits: 

  1. It won’t hurt your boobs.
  2. Feel comfortable and relax while you sleep.
  3. There won’t be any Breast cancer.
  4. The back pain will not occur.
  5. It makes your boobs in good shape.
  6. It improves your postures and body.
  7. It helps to make your boobs of normal size.
  8. The nipple will also not tend to be bend, it will grow as normal.
  9. Your chest will not feel a heaviness.
  10. You will get a good sleep.
  11. If you are married you and your partner will get an attraction to you.
  12. It will boost your sexual health and improve your immunity levels.

1. The first benefit of why I stopped wearing a bra is that I experienced personally was my boobs didn’t really hurt.

When I did wear a bra my boobs were always really tender and really sensitive like even just hugging someone would make my boobs hurt.

I was really worried about it but I thought maybe there’s something wrong with me. Maybe I should go see my doctor but I never did bother seeing my doctor. But I realized that as soon as I have just completely why I stopped wearing a bra my boobs don’t print all like they’re not sensitive they’re not tender in any way.

It’s just amazing so if you have that same problem as I do I would recommend trying it instead of using painkillers or going to the doctor. Just go let him out babies let him out.

2. The second thing that I noticed which is I mean kind of an obvious thing is that as soon as to why I stopped wearing a bra I was just always felt comfortable.

I didn’t feel uncomfortable in any way there were no bra wires poking me. It wasn’t too tiring I wasn’t like you know doing all this and stuff when I did wear a bra.

I was out would just like to come home and take it off and it’d be the best feeling ever. But now I’m always feeling that feeling so it’s always the best feeling ever I feel so free and comfortable.

3. The third thing I noticed is why I stopped wearing a bra when I wear shirts that can’t fit better which sounds so weird. But I feel like there were some shirts I wore where if I wore a bra it would make my boobs just look huge. I didn’t really like that because I’m a really small person.

4. Another great thing is that  I look normal. I guess you just it’s really liberating you know you just feel free and you feel like oh I can do anything. Don’t care about what people say there was a point in my life where I was so scared to not like our shirt why I stopped wearing a bra because I thought oh my god.

Everyone can see my boobs they can all see what they look like. I would just freak out about it but then you know after a while I just kind of stopped caring the only downside.

I will face not wearing bras did you guys do that fluff that just went from my camera. I thought anyway the only downside about it is like my mom.

It’s like why aren’t you wearing bras anymore a lot more or sometimes from like my friends like I can see your boobs. I mean I don’t really care my boobs are great okay you can see them that’s you know that’s the reward for you honey.

5. Another awesome thing that I noticed is I got a lot less back pain which is so random I never thought that my bra would have a lot to do with my posture and my back I used to be a huge sloucher like my parents would tell me every day sit up straight stand up straight like I was literally like a sloucher and I think it’s because of my bra and it was causing me a lot of discomforts so it’s always like but as soon as to why I stopped wearing a bra I noticed that I started sitting up straighter without even realizing it and I don’t have that pain anymore.

Risks of Wearing a Bra

  1.  If you have back pain you should not wear a bra.
  2.  If you have boobs cancer then you should not wear a bra.
  3.  Big boobs women also should not wear a bra.
  4.  Women whose boobs are feeling pain while wearing a bra should avoid wearing a bra.
  5.  If your nipples are gone down you should not wear a bra.
  6.  It will make your boobs saggy.

It’s amazing so if you like that as well if your back pain I would also definitely recommend wearing no bra now I’m just gonna move on to more of the health benefits of not wearing a bra that I read online and that scientists studied.

The first thing I read is that why I stopped wearing a bra can actually increase your risk of breast cancer now I don’t know how entirely true that was I did read it on the internet is a nut can lie I know but I actually read it on a lot of different websites and saying things like scientists studied that you know women were more prone to developing breast cancer the more times they wear bra than women who didn’t wear it brought as much so if you’re worried about that if breast cancer runs in your family.

You’re just overall worried about getting breast cancer not wearing a bra might decrease your chance so try that out if you really worry about it if you’re not worried about it then don’t worry about the bra situation.

Another thing I discovered it’s like a health benefit but more like looks-wise is that why I stopped wearing a bra can actually make your boobs saggy or I know isn’t that crazy even though the point of wearing a bra is to make them look not saggy and perkier that’s the word right perkier yeah apparently.

I was also proven by scientists that women had saggy er boobs and more they were a bra rather than women who didn’t wear a bra that had not as saggy boobs so unless you’re worried about saggy boobs.

What is breast sagging

 Breast sagging is an inevitable fact of life for women as they age. The reason being is because the connective tissue holding breasts in place loses its elasticity over time.

Factors including boobs sagging

Different factors contribute to the increased likelihood of sagging breasts,
  1. Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  2. Genetics
  3. Smoking
  4. Weight loss or gain
  5. High-intensity activity
. It is very hard to measure the effect of why I stopped wearing a bra to bed, with so many other factors having far more significant effects. Let’s think about this from a scientific point of view.

Causes of boobs sagging

 Sagging is caused by the downward pull of gravity on the mass of your breasts.
That’s why bigger breasts sag more, as there is more fat within the tissue for gravity to work on.
When you are relying on a down flat, the effect of gravity pushes the breast tissue back towards your chest, instead of down towards your toes.
Why I stopped wearing a bra is essentially redundant in bed, as breasts naturally compress back down onto the chest.
 This gravity logic, prolonged periods of lying down (regardless of whether you are wearing a bra or not) probably would prevent boobs from sagging long-term.
It would require longer than your average 7/8 hour sleep, and who wants to lie down for 20 hours a day just to make sure your breasts remain perky when you hit menopause.

Preventive measures of boobs sagging

The boobs tissue itself if your bra often leaves impressions in your skin from being too tight, then wearing it 24/7 won’t give the skin a chance to recover from these, leading to long-term indents in the tissue.
The boobs themselves, there’s a lot going on by way of important anatomy around the chest area from muscles to vessels, lymph nodes to nerves.
Why I stopped wearing a bra if it is tight, you may be restricting your blood supply to the breasts and surrounding areas.
A tight bra may restrict the flow of lymph to the many important lymph nodes around the breast and armpit, hindering the system and its vital function of flushing toxic waste-products from the body.


It is probably best to steer clear from wearing a bra in bed, and that is not to mention the effect it might have on your quality of sleep, especially if it is underwired. The bottom line is that there are plenty of reasons why I stopped wearing a bra to bed; breast sagging just isn’t one of them.

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